Remember when woods were made from wood? Compared this to 8 or 9 other drivers and this one definitely goes the straightest…. One bucket of balls later, it was in the bag. Along with the very impressive power you can get, another good quality the SQ Dymo driver had was the sound at impact. However that doesn’t mean that the SQ Dymo is an inaccurate club. For me, a steady relatively straight yards on most drives is what I was after and got.

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Oddly, the trajectory and height was better and easier to control with the Dymo 2.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You will love it if you happen to be a big fan of bumblebees. Some drives do drift offline a bit, however any drive that’s hit well with this club will go where you want, a decent player can trust this Driver to keep them in play.

Playing for both a fade and a draw it is possible to achieve some pretty good results, without having to put everything you’ve got into the shot either.

Volume One Hundred Eighty One. More consistent ball flight and roll. Not bad equipment, but just not dyko cup of tea. Nike SQ Dymo Driver. I Bught this club as my first real good driver. I first took the pair out to the driving range at my local course to get used to the feel and see how they perform.


I was excited to try out this club and although I was impressed with the ease of altering both lie and face angle to influence the shot I must say this driver is not for me. Did you go to the same Demo Days as me.

Despite all that the ball still travelled a distance that was, if not awe inspiring, certainly not disheartening and although not every shot was dead straight the wayward shots certainly made more of an effort to stay on line than some of my recent drives!

All of my woods, hybrids and golf balls are Nike.

Nike Dymo and Dymo2 Driver Review

My swing speed is nioe ball speed mph. Compared this to 8 or 9 other drivers and this one definitely goes the straightest…. The CG is moved lower and more to the rear of the club for the higher lofts to increase spin rates and help get the ball into the air. Found a regular stock shafted Dymo So realize how painful it is for me to eat my own words.

Dyom round I was swinging well and went back to neutral for shot shaping and it worked perfectly. Best range session I can remember, draws, fades and even straight shots on demand!

Nike SQ Dymo Driver

It seemed the best and I liked the adjustability so I bought it and a 3 wood to match for the same vymo as a new G15 or similar. Great driver that I am buying this week.


Tried everything else and none had the grouping that the Dymo2 had…not even close. Before this dyom i was using the titleist D that was like 10 that a friend gave me. Someone at Nike must just be a big fan of yellow.

Nike SQ Dymo Driver

Each club at address. I have never owned a driver and just recently used this one a couple times at the range. So what I did was get a steel shaft put in and it feels and sounds much better. This could probably dyom with a different shaft which is why you should always get fitted.

I LOVE this driver! As I have stated above I am more of a golf traditionalist and have scoffed nile, many times at the mere mention of a square driver.

Your email address will not djmo published. In fact strangely at times it seemed that the harder you hit this club the straighter it went, although obviously we would never recommend trying to blast every drive out of sight. If you like Drivers with large club heads, then you’ll definitely get that with this driver.