Danny Wood danwood76 wrote on The largest partition is under 2TB though. Brian Murray brian-murray on I assume that it is not an independent project that would be found on something like Sourceforge, but rather that it is done by the kernel developers. The most useful is on using grub to install the master boot record to the second drive in the array. Now, when you are all done, be sure to label the locations where you put your drives so that this doesn’t happen to you next time! Unfortunately the package is still waiting to be built by the Ubuntu servers.

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Brian Murray brian-murray on There does not appear to be any known field in the pdc header that specifies the sector size.

I have two machines with different chipsets one has a 1. Thanks for good instruction! You need to investigate the partitioning on the disk, you need to make sure your data is backup up as you are likely to loose partitioning here. Thanks for the article. I have md and md Sign up using Email and Password.


I will be glad. I’m not sure why you can’t build it, but the part of the source of most interest is pdc. If so, then go into the Bios after Ctrl-Alt-Del and switch the disks boot order.

This may be tricky because the labels for both disks are probably going to be identical in the Bios display. Vertago1 vertago1 wrote on Disk arrays is not a backup solution. Page of the user manual alludes to why you might want to choose a non default sector size, as it affects the maximum LD migration size.

How are you determining that Ubuntu and Fedora can’t see the full amount? I tryed test on CentOS again. Note that registered members see fewer ads, and ContentLink is completely disabled once you log in.

I could find no differences. This seems to be the best case scenario for a drive failure in a mirrored RAID array i.

The volume I have created is called “raid”. This type of tutorial is invaluable. Have to also got to linyx, this is an excellent how-to. If I tell it cancel it seems to work ok after that.

Re: List of chipsets supported?

I have setup a build environment for dmraid and will start looking through it to get an idea of whether or not I could contribute a patch. It looks like the problem is just the sector size.


This bug is ancient, and perhaps nobody cares anymore, but I’ve figured out a bit more about where we are left with respect to this. Your instructions made it quick and painless to replace the drive and not akd any data. To copy the partition data, use: The version of gparted in my ppa doesn’t rely on kpartx like the repository version.

Replacing A Failed Hard Drive In A Software RAID1 Array

Transfering mbr and installing grub is the missing raix just before shutting down. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. Set it to the same as your first harddisk.

In any case, although the procedure may be fine notwithstanding certain circumstances, of coursethere’s some things I would suggest mentioning in the article somewhere. It was very useful to me. This works even with RAID 1.