However, there are some weaknesses regarding pressure resistance. This time, it doesn’t say missing operating system, but it seems to have trouble loading windows and just deadlocks with nothing appearing on the screen except for the flashing underscore. The access time as well as the transfer rates are both above-average and nearly reach the level of comparable revs models. Try reformatting and removing the recovery partition. The outdoors use of the notebook is very limited by its heavily reflecting display. Especially, if closed the display slightly wobbles at the corners. In between there is a relatively big dead zone, which does not react to clicks.

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Despite of optical advantages, this solution has some disadvantages in use. You cannot even avoid this without load and by activating the energy save profile. The additional keys are typical Asus very narrowand cannot be recognized at the first glance as such. Power Connector, 2x USB 2. An overmodulation of the speaker at maximum volume and the nearly always missing basses got apparent.

Review Asus A8JR Notebook – Reviews

Ports, which are likely to be permanently in use, are thereby reasonably placed at the back side. In total the notebook is sufficiently powerful for daily needs.

In between there is a relatively big dead zone, which does not react to clicks. A8hr for the tips guys, and it was the recovery partitions fault.


The keyboard is dense, but yet comfortable in use. The runtime of the Asus A8JR can be no means be called long.

Review Asus A8JR Notebook

Both touch pad buttons react best at their lower outer edges. If you want, you can later use the DVD to recover Vista.

The notebook’s touch pad requires some remarks: Further information about the video card can be found here or in our s8jr of mobile video cards. Even without load the noise of the fan is steadily present.

Most of the comprehensive number of interfaces are placed at the back side. Share This Page Tweet. Assu i did with some huge confusion about which textmode driver aj8r useand tried the formatting, installation and rebooting again. Keys like Alt and Ctrl at the left of the keyboard are of standard size, and the size of the Cursor keys were downsized to three quarters of normal size. The recovery partition is if you wanted a quick recovery since accessing the hard drive is faster than accessing a DVD.

This is the first time, we could review the performance of the ATI X video card. Discussion in ‘ Asus ‘ started by baichiJul 7, Log in or Sign up.

Regarding deflection resistance, we have to mention, that the display cover can be clearly pushed in without applying much force. The touch pad a8nr not be recommended, because of its sticky surface and also because of its hard to push buttons.


You are completely right. Loudness W8jr to the A8Jp model, the fan starts running soon, and emits a clearly perceptible noise.

The benchmark results of the X uncovers that it approximately reaches the grade of a Geforce and is a little worse than sp However, it seems to be possible to reach a runtime of about 2h by optimizing the energy settings.

Depending on the brightness of the environment, the contents can be either read to a88jr extend, or get completely illegible cause of reflexions. What I assume is that the recovery partition is conflicting with some settings in XP. Please also look at our benchmark list of mobile processors or at our benchmark list of mobile video cardsin order to compare this notebook to other configurations.

Asus A8Jr: Need Help Downgrading to Win XP

The noise emissions are a weakness of the A8J series. This notebook has two speakers, which are placed at the front x8jr and emit their sound toward the desk.

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