The Linux driver is released in three packaging formats: This parameter should not be set less than 80 on systems with high network traffic. Is there a diagnostic utility in Windows to determine if my adapter is broadcom netxtreme bcma2 gigabit ethernet controller properly? Enables or disables adaptive adjustments to the various interrupt coalescing parameters. Removal of Physical Interface in Generic Trunking and The driver diskette images for the most recent Red Hat versions are included. Installing Linux Driver Software.

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Three packages are shipped in this release: On systems with insufficient memory, it may be necessary to reduce this parameter. These parameters take the form. Show All Hide All.

When jumbo frames larger than bytes are used, ehhernet parameter should not be set lower than 60 on systems with high network traffic. The team configuration will be automatically started on subsequent reboots.

To install patched drivers:. In the case that this first physical interface is removed dynamically from the team using “baspcfg” tool and bounded to the protocol directly, this could lead to a duplicate MAC address problem on the network.


Depending on kernel and system architecture, the driver may require up to bytes per descriptor. Boot drivers for other Linux versions can be compiled by modifying the Makefile and the make environment. The MTU size can also nettreme changed using ifconfig after the driver is loaded. Use of the Software in conjunction with non-Intel component products is not licensed hereunder.


Removal of Physical Interface in Generic Trunking and Dell agrees and you agree to waive, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any right to a jury trial with respect to the Software or this Agreement. The Self-Extractor window appears.

Enabling it allows the driver to dynamically adjust the interrupt coalescing parameters to achieve high throughput during heavy traffic and low latency during light traffic. Note that the –force option is needed if installing on some distributions that may already contain an older version of the driver. Enables or disables scatter-gather and bit DMA on x This mode is protocol-independent and all traffic should be load-balanced and fault-tolerant.

Linux Driver: Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Adapter User’s Guide

LAN provided by Broadcom is used. Note that if the removed physical interface does not participate in any traffic, there will not be any bc,5705.

Enables or disables transmitting flow control pause frames. Enables or disables receiving flow control pause frames. The terms of the software license agreement included with any software you download will control your use of the software.


Hot-standby interfaces will take over in the event that all primary interfaces have lost their links. The valid range is from 1 to Netxtreke Generic Trunking and Note that Mbps must be negotiated for copper twisted pair links.

Unsupported SSL/TLS Version

Configures the number of receive descriptors for frames up to bytes. Claims arising under this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of California, excluding its principles of conflict of laws and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the Sale of Goods.

This may take a few minutes. A virtual device is created for each VLAN added. Please read all restrictions and disclaimers. Setting this parameter higher allows the NIC to buffer larger bursts of jumbo traffic without dropping frames, especially on slower systems. BASP is released in three packaging formats: