The Bad The BlueAnt Q2 has very tiny physical controls, and there are quite a number of commands to remember. On the front is a skinny multifunction button, which is different from the Q1’s round logo-adorned one. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted From the very first moment you take the Q2 bluetooth headset in your hands you feel the special attention given to details in making of this device. Press the multifunction button, and the Q2 will prompt you to “say a command. Galaxy S9 brings Samsung two steps forward, one step back.

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Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Visit manufacturer site for details. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. There comes a time when one requires to have a fine looking wireless bluetooth headset which not only speaks of it finesse but can also perform as good as it looks.

BlueAnt Q2 In-the-ear Headset Best Price in India , Specs & Review | Smartprix

However, there were a few times when I did have to press it against my ear while walking as the headset came a little lose as I was walking at a faster than normal pace. Also in cinema, while the movie was on, the person on the other side has a little trouble hearing my voice clearly due to high volume of the movie blueanh well as people talking around yes they were a pain.

The Q2 also has different-size earbuds for a more customized fit. It was amazing s2 see how easily Q2 provided me comfort and ease for taking or answering calls while bluent or even while working on my computer when both my hands are busy using the keyboard. It did not work entirely well on the T1 but with Q2 the recognition of the incoming call was pretty much spot on.


In all the tests the Q2 performed exceptionally well with clear voice coming in from the other side and vice versa. Sounds great but lacks vision. Professionally sculpted receive side audio, tuned to perfection.

BlueAnt is a company which specializes in manufacturing world class Bluetooth hands-free devices and Q2 is bljeant exception. We’ve changed, we promise. If you blkeant help, you can either say, “What can I say? The Good The BlueAnt Q2 is slim and slender, with an impressive voice control interface that includes text-to-speech and access to Bing services. With rich audio, unsurpassed call clarity and industry best wind noise reduction the BlueAnt Q2 is the best sounding Bluetooth headset ever built.

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The setup of BlueAnt Q2 headset was a breeze, just like T1 was setup. There were a couple of times when the handset showed a little sign of crackling voice but that was due to the lower signal strength. What you will find in the box are:. For example, it will announce “Call from Nicole” if Nicole is in our phone book. The important thing to note here is that everything BlueAnt produces is of high quality but with Q2 they have gone bluueant step further.

Other than that I did not find any flaw with this headset.

One feature I loved in both Bluwant and Q1, which I presume is now standard in all BlueAnt headsets, is when the headset is connected to the phone it announces which phone it is connected to, in my case it was HTC Desire. I would like to highlight a few downers to this headset too, as there is nothing as perfect in this world.


The Q2 boasts not only standard BlueAnt headset features but the company has added more to the successor of Q1 bluetooth headset. The skinny volume keys are blueabt the right, and the charger jack is on top of the headset.

Plug in some headphones to hear the difference between the BlueAnt Q2 and a leading competitor. On the outdoor front, this is hands down one of the top bluetooth headsets I have used so far, at par with T1 and superior to all the rest. With an arched design, the Q2 blkeant dedicated buttons for features like volume control and turning the device on or off.

In many ways, the Q2 features are similar to the T1, but it is far sleeker in appearance. Though all the buttons are very thin, we thought they jutted out enough so they were still easy to find and press by feel.

It starts with the setup process and goes blueantt the way through to saying good night to your daughter as you are on your way to your big presentation on the other side of the world. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Once you pair the headset with your phone, it will automatically attempt to download up to 2, of your phone’s contacts so it will be able to announce the caller’s name whenever you get an incoming call from someone on the list.