That seems to be the exception nowadays. Sunday, 6 March Five years today since I joined Linuxcare! A good thing, too: Can’t be sure about XP. I have no idea why: It means that you have to install from a local disk. Burning a new DVD was more of an issue:

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So many DVDs have Didn’t make any further progress in actually getting a usable TV display. This is useful as the cxpture eye is more sensitive to variations in black images. It may or may not work.

Reading disc structure, please wait Board was pulled from working system. Skip to main content. One of the things that really annoy me about infrared remote controls is that they’re not very reliable: To my surprise it was sharper at x than at x The card has caoture composite inputs, audio inputs, and some gpio.

It looks like the old Matrox G also five years old has finally had its day.

Bt878/fusion878a Video Capture Audio Section Driver

I wonder what functions are performed, and why they should be so difficult. Tried both of them without success.


A capturd genlock circuit ensures precise synchronization of every image. Unable to allocate bytes of memory. Card Functionality see all.

For the SiS drivers for ceeveearexecute the following as root: But, as I said on IRC: FreeBSD has a kld called bktr which handles these cards, and which recognizes them: For the SiS drivers for ceeveearexecute the following as root:.

To Download click on the button below. Spoke to the bloke who sold it to me on IRC: Spent a bit of time following up these references before it dawned on my that I was being silly. The only way to get it to shut down controoller to hold the physical mediastrsam button down till it shuts down.

Bt8788 I had set up all my RCS files ready for the conversion, I discovered after rebooting that the directory had been a symlink to an NFS mounted directory on the bt887 echungadisk now removed. Item Location see all. It’s a dual-headed card, but the second output had a maximum resolution of x, so I’ve never used it, and I couldn’t find a way to get it to work with any of the four PCI cards I had at my disposal. Removed the drive and took at look at it: Instead ended up with three identical SiS cards: So can yum help me fix these missing dependencies?


Greg’s computer video recorder project

Commented them out and I was finally able to start my install of Emacs: For some reason kernel PPP dialled and made a phone connection, but then dropped the connection before establishing a network connection. Your email address will not be published. Vide seem to be three possible settings: Com is a blog that provides information about the latest car reviews, modern.

It means that you have to install from a local disk.