There must be thousands of different models. Of course there are much more convenient solutions nowadays. Called and called and called, you know the story from there. Then through my friends who also had SB16s, saw that the registration card said I could call in to register instead of mailing the card. This site hosts no abandonware.

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This was one of the last non-PnP cards Creative made. He got suckered into an AWE64 Gold.

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I wanted to find out what it was and I felt entitled to it since I paid more for a card they said it was something I was supposed to have! This card was made around the 31st week of as shown on the card. FAST, Rockwell chipsets and phone bills were important. I think it was due to slow sales they did that. I feel sorry for him, for “upgrading” once I found out how much worse the AWE64 was. I don’t think they sold much of any of those kits, making it even more rare than the Sound Blaster Easy 16, which was an external multimedia kit.


Creative Worldwide Support

Reset Post Submit Post. Oh well, at least I got a used one I am using now.

I’m really thankful still they creativw that because this thing was crazy expensive, and it turns out it wasn’t that great but still didn’t realize until years later how much of a scam artist Creative Labs was That adapter was a piece of shit!

I gave that away to my friend who still has it. Then through my friends who also had SB16s, saw that the registration card said I could call in to register instead of mailing the card. Finally, the other cards A family friend got this for me.

PM me for more details.

The volume dial is a little warped. Where’s the Modem Blaster? Next is the rare “ASP” chip upgrade. Board index All times are UTC.

Creative 3D Blaster Savage4 graphics card – Savage4 Pro – 32 MB

They said you needed the chip for that function. As you can see, it came with the CTA-S mixer chip, which is what makes this particular card a rarity because the majority of these cards had the original, but noisier CTA chip.


It has onboard Microsoft Video One hardware compression. It took many months ceative fighting and countless phone calls to Creative Labs to finally get them to mail it.

Creative S3 Savage4 Pro (CT) 32MB AGP 1x/2x Graphics adapter | eBay

Back to Windows Forum 6 total posts Page 1 of 1. So it got replaced with my beloved CT Ct685 os is W FM sound card comparison on a Grand Scale!! Yup, instead of Cakewalk, I got games. All these retail sets inspired me to dig out some weirdo gizmo I’ve stumbled upon – something called the c6850 Blaster”!

I’m pretty sure this is a later packing release because it came with the 4 games and the crappy joystick. Is someone collecting those?

A close up of large chips.