The Pass Through driver is also useful with other printers if you are using a Windows printing format. Proudly powered by WordPress. Occasionally, you will change to a new batch of tickets and the tickets will be pulled back so far into the printer that the rubber pinch rollers lose their grip of the stock. Press F1 and release — this prints a status ticket. Click on the browse button and we will find the driver. Click on the Have disk button. This is a special print driver that is unique in that it does not do anything.

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Select the printer to use for printing receipts and credit card receipts. It should be on the perforation. July 23, 1. When you close the cover, here is how it should look. Then, turn the printer off and on.

This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Normally you could datamxa the top radio button and use your Datamax printer as your receipt printer. Before the start of the next print job, it gets pulled back in so the ticket can print from edge to edge.

Printing to Datamax Thermal Label Printer in UNIX

You will probably want it as a local printer. It just passes the codes to the printer. Browse to the Datamax CD. The solution is to adjust the top offset. It needs to be re-sent with each print job.


This must be done on each individual computer to be used for ticket printing. Set the label sensor to be Label mark. One step this document fails to make pasthru is that you must press F3 after each adjustment to issue a new test feed before saving by holding the F3 button or your changes will be lost. Load the ticket stock.

Setting up a Datamax Ee | Center Stage Software Help Desk

These settings are guidelines. Now, you need to know where the print driver is.

There are two properties for the Datamax Pass-Thru printer that must be set prior to use. Why would you bother with all this complication?

This is what attaches the ticket to the ticket printer. E eject the print job This command HAS to work. My current thinking on this is that the way that the Printer Queues work on UNIX, it is doing a direct pass-through of the output from Jasper to the Datamax and because the Datamax Printer doesn’t understand the format it is simply not printing anything, whereas the laser printer can accept the input.

The Pass Through driver is also useful with other printers if you are using a Windows printing format. Normally, the settings in this setup sheet are sufficient. You can print other things on the ticket like lines, boxes, circles and polygons if you can translate Wintix manual pages of EDPL. What format does Jasper generate for the output? They are different in that they also contain information about the font, rotation, horizontal, and vertical multipliers.


If one edge of the tickets is printing lightly, adjust the green thumbwheel on the right side of the printhead. In general, the Windows printing system is fairly reliable, but it can cause trouble. This unique design not only enhanced the appearance xatamax the extraordinary beauty of the watch, at that time also reflects the high functionality: Hello, I’m not sure if the problem I am hitting is directly related to JasperReports, but thought I would post it pssthru to see if any of you guys can help me.

In those cases, the only way to get the printer working is with this method. Then, hold down F1 datamsx F3 while turning it on. Many times, the Windows text drivers give problems that can be fixed by sending the proper codes to the printer.