All – a set of ready to use. But such functionality is every modern mouse, as rightly pointed reader. Otherwise, the size of the keys is quite ordinary keyboard is quite comfortable. We should give up the keys unmentioned, list them from left to right: One has only to get used to it, and then stop all perceived as ordinary classical manipulator mice with their flat-symmetrical “little body.

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Let us begin with the outer shell. Call player, Favorites, Home and E-Mail.

It’s nice that the kit were found batteries for the mouse – so much care about the user very pleasant and even logical, because if there is a cradle for charging the battery, you should be yourself and batteries. Anyone who has sefender computer knows that a pile of wires hanging behind him sometimes so exasperated that I want to break everything and throw it away.

In addition, the mouse has many additional buttons: Control Panel mouse driver Keyboard driver allows you to override derender four keys: Rear, in addition to describing the functions, one can also find the system requirements that are now indicate it hardly makes sense.

Therefore inserted into the computer, it almost does not interfere, and dedender will not be visible.

Juhtmevaba klaviatuur ja laserhiir Defender Bern 795 US/RUS must

These functions are indicated in orange. In the upper right-hand corner is a go button on the home page in the browser, and below – buttons control the browser. The bottom of the keyboard is berj flat in the rear part has compartment for two AA batteries, and the edges are two folding legs. Pleased that the plastic is quite good, and in the design of the mouse and wrist rest unfortunately, is a permanent part of the keyboard used plastic soft-touch, very pleasant to the touch.


Resistant black “legs” are nominated easily, but you can work on the keyboard without them – it all depends on the individual ideas of convenience. Keyboard, with which we are concerned in this case, is called American. Left launch keys located favorites and search, e-mail and go to the homepage. Packaging wireless set Applied on top of the keyboard and mouse image on the background of the Swiss landscape. The buttons are made dwfender black plastic and have a scissor design.

Two AA-size alkaline type keyboard supplied in the kit.

Defender Keyboards — download drivers

Battery indicator is located on the left under the insertion of glossy translucent plastic. Mouse looks pretty enough, though without any frills, rather sternly: This kit can be used both at home and at work – extra buttons to help you reduce the time spent searching for multimedia applications and the Internet. And we are not talking about the expensive sets, but a quite cheap and available to everyone – it sets the brand Defender.


But it is much more convenient to buy a whole bedn, ie a keyboard with a mouse. Transceiver This device is incredibly compact. Asymmetric shape in the mouse, so it does not fit lefties, be careful when buying.

Defender Davos 775, Bern 795, Maverick 9515, Futuris 9425 Driver v.1.0

Bern same – the exact opposite. Quite comfortable mouse, the hand does not get tired even when long hours of work in Photoshop.

Connecting more than elementary. Two standard buttons and scroll wheel wide – to use they are comfortable. Just do not say you were not bored wires. Small circle – wheel audio control, progress can be called slightly tugovato. Completion connection White box with views of the Alps and luring description contained wireless set: And the mouse and keyboard defeender not only equal to each other in beauty and functionality, but in many ways even compete.

After that spend quite typical for such devices procedure pressing the connection on the receiver, keyboard and mouse. On the left side there are two buttons for the transition back and forth in your browser.