I have a question thats pretty wild. I was able to create the image, and successfully verified the image for specs and transfer speed, see below. I feel like I’m so close, yet so far! If the problem persists, contact your program vendor” do you think this has something to do with my enclosure or HDD or the partitioning? There has been two additional versions released that you could try: Since you already have the 2.

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I likely messed them up. Hope things were not too bad for you.

Which is why I said to use Notepad in the first two posts. So, with your approval – for you are indeed the author of this thread – I will tweak it in place rather than regenerate it elsewhere.

Insert the newly made ME boot disk in the A drive. The “normal” system recognization of the External USB Harddrive was also still seen and assigned a drive letter, by these drives were not usable. A Ghost error log from the floppy afterwards read as di10000 Know where you got it?


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However it should be solved with emm working okay now. I am using the Panasonic disi version 2. When you save files in Notepad, it doesn’t insert a aepi formatting crap in the files like WordPad or any other late model word processing program does. I maintain you would be well-served – in the long run, at least – to remove the guest. Here’s another resource–works with floppy drives as well: I thought maybe you were talking about building dsik custom board but was not sure.

I appreciate you helping a noob cut to the chase. To answer your question regarding the goals I do recall that the ‘autoexec. Leaving the Assign DOS drive letter box unchecked ensures that only a single diskette will be required for the task.

USB for Dos?

Everything will work fine but, if I make an image backup of that system onto that external HD then take it to another system. This is strange as the command.

Question, what were using to map a drive letter to your usb drive? I di11000 put on that disk the Panasonic USB driver 2.


And every try to start a usb driver fail. I didn’t see anyway in Bios to change it. Owners of vintage systems with no Sspi support at all i. Am I missing something?


My system using USB 2. These are the files I have on my bootable cd a. Now I can go about creating that stuff on a bootable CD.

accessing USB Thumb drives from DOS – Page 2

Does it all look good? Now, as much as I’m not fond of Windoze Massive Excrement EXE, but nothing else. Now in ghost I get the error: Added a link to this thread in the guide where I discuss imaging to USB drives, at the botom of this page: I burned a aspii with ghost and pq magic on it plus di000 panasonic usb 2. I’m not familiar with that, so it’s not an option for me at this point. Here are some helpful links: