Contents [ show ]. Dimensions – D x W. Episode — ” The City of New York vs. Though he is a corporate mascot of Duff Beer , some actors have displayed independent thought and conscience at times. After quickly stating that Duff supports the designated driver program, Duffman remains at the bar to party with the drunks. Sign In Don’t have an account? Modified on February 1, , at

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And there was also a Duffman who died of liver failure. Duffman is an athletic and smooth-talking corporate personality who wears blue and red tights, a red cape, white gloves, and the Duff logo emblazoned across his chest.

Barneythe most unlikely one, draws the black egg and therefore becomes the designated driver for the night.

Driven to the brink of insanity by his appointed status as designated driver, Barney Gumble drives to desigmated Manhattan in Homer ‘s car, leaving it there. When Homer deslgnated Marge attended an Oktoberfest festival, Duffman, who was the host of the festival, energetically exclaims, “Duffmensch orders you to party!

You can now subscribe to us on Patreon! He promised her that in exchange for sleeping with him, she wouldn’t have to touch the drunks in a bartending contest, but he reneged on the promise at the last minute. Hit and Run Video game — The Simpsons: Duffman’s thrusts were first acted out by Brad Bird. It was also implied by Homer Simpson that one Duffman who owned a set of blimp keys committed suicide via drowning because Homer wouldn’t let him share a beer while both were skinnydipping.


Homer Simpson ” is the first episode of Season 9 originally an episode made for season eight.

The Duffman Cometh | season 9 episode 1 | Simpsons World on FXX

Retrieved from ” https: Duffman is the greatest womanizer – or so he says. Homer designatsd out of the tower and reads the ticket stating that for his “failure to wait by vehicle. Barney has an outburst, saying that he can’t because he is the designated driver. So, he mutters under his breath, “I do this, and I’m Jewish”. Duuffman the end, Duffman said to himself “New feelings brewing in Duffman!

When he was subsequently found teaching basic mathematics at the Springfield Men’s Mission, he was played by “Barry Duffman”. Due to the central plot being a dilemma that Homer has at the World Trade Center, the episode didn’t air in the United States for a long time or never aired again because many viewers thought it would never come back due to the episode becoming banned from airing in future broadcasting on American TV, which was not true. Page Discussion Edit this page History If you want to help support the contributors, you can make a one off payment by clicking here.

The episode was pulled from the first showing of season 9 on terrestrial TV then running on BBC2 as it was due to be shown shortly after the attacks.


Duff Beer Party Bus

This prompts Moe to hold a pickled egg drawing to see who will stay sober and be the designated driver. He arrives finding his car parked in the middle of the plaza, full of tickets and a boot on the wheel.

After an appropriate amount of time passed, some stations began to air the episode again. Homer discovers that Howard K.

Retrieved from ” http: This Duffman was named “Sid”. Only until Mad About the Toy airs! Retrieved from ” http: His satisfaction soon disappears when he is forced to speed off to get his family after an enraged driver takes a potshot at him for holding up traffic. Duffman claims to have two children, Dufflad and Duffgirl, but Mr. Though he is a corporate mascot xesignated Duff Beersome actors have displayed independent thought and conscience at times.

Meanwhile, the rest of the family have had a wonderful time. Infuriated and desperate to rescue his car from the East River before the sun goes down, Homer drives out of the World Trade Center with the boot still on his tire.

He hungrily devours Khlav Kalash out of a passing cart and drinks can after can of crab juice.