This is the best I have ever seen in my tests of various displays over the years. Operating temperature The operating temperature shows the safe temperature range from minimum to maximum , within which the display will function flawlessly. After about 3 minutes, the monitor was fully calibrated for the photography profile. They provide , , and bit color, respectively. The operating humidity shows the acceptable level of humidity, in which the display will function flawlessly.

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With quick cyclic switching between different color tones, an illusion for a new intermediate color tone is created. OS X Mavericks No Longer Available Update Location close. cg243a

EIZO CG243W LCD Monitor

I am amazed how much more I can see in details and color gradations with this monitor compared to my old one a graphics Sony Vaio 18 laptop. LUT A LUT Look Up Table contains precalculated sets of values that are used to apply transformations to the input color data so that the resulting data meets certain the desired visual standard and color accuracy.

For this reason, any wide gamut monitor needs to have some kind of high-bit depth processing built into it so that banding can be reduced or eliminated. The worst uniformity issue I found on my demo unit was between the upper right corner and the lower left corner. Partially lit sub-pixel Foreign substance Dark sub-pixel that is always dark or colored on a white background. The ratio between the horizontal and the vertical side of the display. CGW at Eizo website. LG Display Panel model Information about the model of the panel used.


The type of backlight determines the image quality and the color space of the display. Is this a problem? ColorNavigator 6 How-to-Use-Guide 1. Information about cg243s average amount of time, in which the pixels change from one color to another. ColorNavigator 6 – Color Management Software 6.

Eizo ColorEdge CGW ” Widescreen LCD Display

Monitors by Lori Grunin Oct 15, In the illustration on the right, the Eizo CGW is the volume represented by variable colors. Rated 5 out of 5 by Gregg Mack from Exteremely easy to calibrate This page is a Reserved Article.

Not Specified by Manufacturer. However the vast majority of these graphics cards are limited to only 8-bits of resolution. Newer stands are slightly different. Limited warranty – 5 years. Select Windows 10 bit Windows 10 bit Windows 8.

Test Monitor Eizo CG243W

I downloaded the most recent, Windows 7 compatible. After about 3 minutes, the monitor was fully calibrated for the photography profile.

The pixel pitch shows the distance from the centers of two neighboring pixels. The percentage of the approximate area, taken by the active part of the screen, to the total front area.

It has a very wide color gamut, encompassing more than the AdobeRGB gamut, it has very good uniformity across the screen on all colors, a top notch IPS panel giving a wide viewing angle, it can handle moving pictures with speed, and it also has a DisplayPort input which is a vital link in the chain of signal processing which makes it possible to view images in higher than 8-bit resolution.


Information about the maximum horizontal viewing angle, within which the image on the screen is of acceptable quality.

Display area The percentage of the approximate area, taken by the active part of the screen, to the total front area. Allowable number of bright sub-pixel Zero Applicable monitors The eizzo models purchased on or after September 1, Warranty period Six months after purchase Definition of bright sub-pixel A red, blue, or green pixel that is ekzo lit on a black background of the screen None of the following: Mac OS X While we have not been able to test this function here, it has been reported that ColorEyes Display Pro can be used to interface with the DDC capabilities of this monitor.

I suggest you make sure all of these problems are fixed before you buy.