Dmitry Vladimirovich lpt inbox. The PCB itself is also labeled appropriately. In fact, this model lacks only FireWire to get to the high-end level. The Chipset voltage ranges from 1. I’d like apologize for the overly long post and I wish you all well in this matter. It works fine, good overclocking feature in BIOS, and a nice combination of harware features however, obviously, it won’t rcognize the DTRs. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

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Epox bring a lot of memory timing adjustments to users’ fingertips, find out which ones make the biggest difference a little later in the review as we touch on that, and look at the value of the Port 80 card and some of its diagnostic codes. Adding an Audigy sound card further spped up the system to the point where my benchmarks were significantly hirger than many Socket system and ALL socket systems.

The performance is thus really awesome! The PCB itself is also labeled appropriately. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Share on Pinterest Share. It will have no effect on the performance, though the documentation states otherwise.

Motherboards based on this socket have been introduced which are PCI Express compatible, and now we have SLI options to choose from as well. Timings and memory frequency are conveniently highlighted on the bootup screen, Magic Health window is also located there at the bottom of the screenwhich displays temperatures, rpms, voltages — everything offered by system monitoring.


EPoX EP-8NPA SLI AMD Athlon 64 Socket PCIe SLI motherboard Review Result and general impression

There are no empty seats on the motherboard. An only shortcoming of the motherboard is its two memory slots. The BIOS used in testing and illustrated below is version Is the Mobile XP the best value processor?!?!

Socket has now made a comeback for AMD in the form of the budget line of Sempron processors. It’s nice to see the life of AMD’s Socket processor extended. As shown, there are actually more undervolting options than there are overvolting options; a definite negative for hardcore overclockers.

Epox have certainly built a s,i green motherboard here.

It can be a good idea to build up a new system completely before installing it into the chassis, and these little buttons can make troubleshooting during that process all the less time slo – no one likes to short out jumper pins with a paper clip. On the whole, the PCB layout is good.

EPoX Computer EP-8NPA SLi, Socket 754, AMD Motherboard

You can find products similar to this one for sale below. The performance of the used memory modules can be adjusted hereby optimally. Upgrades after all can be done in smaller steps, and perhaps tie you over until Socket M2 is released in Q1′ Brief description of this jumper is sll on the PCB. Epox AM2 Motherboard – Is it any good? Wli other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website. There is a load menu function, which allows to choose a boot device to startup a system without modifying BIOS Setup, if you press Esc at startup.


Initially, I booted the system at standard voltage because EPoX limits processor voltage selections to standard, plus.

Special thanks to EPoX for their support. No one is going to persuade you to do it.

Officially the nForce4 SLI is supposed to only be a Socket platform dual channel DDR and all thatand this could explain why none of the Tier one motherboard 88npa have released similar products.

The overall layout of the 8NPA SLI motherboard is user friendly, although the floppy drive connector could have been placed closer to the DDR slots for the sake of accessibility in full tower cases.

But if your budget is limited to only one inexpensive video card, reserving an option to reinforce the video system in future by adding another such card may be a good idea. This is a shame for several reasons. EPoX techical support 8nppa they will not be adding this feature to future BIOS revisions as they state that there are significant differences btween the 8npx line and the standard desktop line.

At the top of that list would have to be the surface mounted power and reset buttons. Interestingly, the system prompts at startup whether the order of boot devices in BIOS was modified and asks for a confirmation.