As far as the channel is concerned, eSys is following a three-pronged strategy. Manoj Gupta, Director, Fortune Marketing: Comments Questions Reviews Write new They are value for money propositions. Don’t be misled by the price by Roy Schestowitz. This kind of product will be nothing but a fad and it cannot survive. We would also like to explore possibilities of selling this product if it picks up well enough.

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Click to checkout or to view or amend items. I feel smaller assemblers should also sell these PCs. Manoj Gupta, Director, Fortune Marketing: Market Buzz September 24, Geol was optimistic that eSys will be able to bring down the prices exys if Pramod Mahajan, Union Minister for IT and Telecom, stands true to his statement of waiving off the appropriate taxes for a sub-Rs 10, PC.

eSys Technologies

Please quote this number on purchase orders. Technically VIA is a good product and such a configuration is surely possible. Secondly, it will leverage on its already present conventional channels for esy boxes and thirdly it is also exploring slightly unconventional means for selling PCs like telemarketing, Internet sales etc.

With an aim of positioning seys product as a mass-market product, Goel is talking of a paradigm shift in the PC buying pattern in this country.


eSys Offers Ultra Low-cost Desktop PC- Technology News, Firstpost

Is eshs possible to remove Linux and install Windows? This can be one of the best offerings in the PC market for the basic education segment.

It will definitely be a mass market product. Our target customer is the common man, who always wanted to buy a PC, but could not afford it, like the students. And of course eSys is focusing on building stronger after-sales support mechanism.

Can the average consumer be persuaded to use Linux, after being used to a Microsoft environment for so long? But how can PCs be this cheap? Linux has not been accepted in the home segment.

Government per me might do some buying but major buying will cp from the educational institutes and home segment. This looks like a very attractive product but if I can’t install Windows it is useless to me. In fact, we have been using PCs like these in my office and they are perfectly functional. If you don’t like Ubuntu you are better off replacing it with a a different Linux, like Mandriva http: Linux pcc one of the robust operating systems and one can use it at home also at ease.

Home segment will also get a leverage from this PC.

With the e-governance initiatives gaining momentum, educational institutes, government offices and a few corporates might become hot prospects. Simultaneously, eSys has also announced its expansion plans in India in terms of human assets and infrastructure.


eSys SUK Intel PC System + Linux – Aria PC

This item is currently discontinued and at present, we have no replacement on order. For this a B2C portal is also in the offing, Goel revealed, and consumers can buy online. Don’t be misled by the price by Roy Schestowitz.

All the models come with a one-year warranty and a data-recovery CD and all these PCs are multimedia ready. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

eSys S709001UK Intel PC System + Linux

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Comments Questions Reviews Write new Talking about the conventional PC channel, he said that margins have been set-up higher than the conventional assembling business.

We would also like to explore possibilities of selling this product if it picks up well enough. We have been associated with eSys for a long time now and this product will be a success.