And here’s the by Dual Cam photo, in the Best compression mode. But for a webcam with its features, at this price point, you can’t complain. No software installation required. This hideously misshapen thing even more hideously misshapen than my real head was the result of a quick and dirty attempt, but it would appear that others have had similar problems. It fits on most monitors, including flat screens and laptops, or sits right on your desk. But you still ought to get more than three hours of on-time from each battery, and maybe as much as five, depending on how you use the camera. Its image quality’s nothing special, and neither is its price, but it’s OK.

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Plus, you can easily express your unique personality by using Logitech Video Effects. If you put the switch in the PC Cam position, it reports itself as a webcam. All of the other Ezonics cameras come with a plain NetMeeting installer. You can use any resolution with any compression mode, and you can mix pictures of different formats in the memory as you like as well.

Connect with family and friends with the Microsoft LifeCam Webcam. They’re all different, but they all share components.

The back panel controls are easy enough to use. Genius introduces its new two-in-one device: But apart from that, it’s pretty good. And I don’t think it was the PC’s fault. The four-way button isn’t actually for menu navigation; each direction just performs a different function, like showing you how much image storage is left, or changing resolution.


The EZDual Cam has a traditional camera-ish look, with a simple coaxial viewfinder next to its lens. Micro Innovations ChatCam Webcam. Give Dan some money!

Unlike most tetherable cameras, the Dual Cam doesn’t turn into a zombie when it’s hooked up to a computer. All Auction Buy It Now.

There’s not much difference in storage capacity between the compression modes, for the two lower resolutions. This is bad, because it means that whenever they’re not plugged into a computer, they’re draining their batteries, and the more pictures they’re trying to remember, the higher the drain is.

webcxm All it takes is an available USB 2. The Pro Cam doesn’t have any of these problems, except for rather slow gain adjustment in by mode. Modern USB webcams, you see, ezphohe have a lot of internal intelligence; they rely on their two-way connection to the computer to handle things like exposure settings. You can also grab x resolution photos instantly, and use the included software to create digital postcards, calendars and more.

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The EZDual and EZPhone Cams give you Live Monitor, a security-camera package that triggers when it detects motion and has various frame and clip grabbing options, can sound alarms, and can automatically send e-mail as well.


These Are the Freshest Beauty Products of Logitech Webcam C – Web camera – color – x – audio If you have a set of 2. Pentium or higher CPU. We’ve rounded up the latest and greatest natural beauty products to help you find the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones we won’t This item is Class B refurbished.

Ezonics USB cameras compared

Sale Alert See at Walmart. Ezonics’ site Buy one! My Win98 test machine behaved itself perfectly with all four cameras’ drivers installed at once, and I could plug and unplug cameras as I pleased – though I didn’t push my luck by trying to use more than webcan camera at a time.

This VGA web camera works with any of the popular instant messaging programs. If you then save it ezphine a JPEG file, you’ll be recompressing it and making it look worse. But it’s cheap and cheerful, has flexible features that are actually good for something, works fine as a webcam, doesn’t eat its battery too fast, and has a decent software bundle.