Posted 30 April – The buttons have a very nice placement in terms of clickability, and you’ll rarely find yourself accidentally mashing the wrong button, thanks to the angled shape of the joystick’s main buttons. With bit addressing, our tricks were completely broken. Posted 10 April – Considering the limitations of the hardware on such a fundamental level, we did not continue development. That is what I wrote down: Posted 23 October –

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Well, I’m not sure he mentioned Win 10 I think he said Win 7but in any event I just tried one on my Win 10 bit box and no joy – Windows can’t find any drivers for it, and I haven’t been able to find any by Googling around, and it isn’t recognized at all and doesn’t work at all on my rig. The memory of the device was quite good at the time of the build, but now and with what game feedbacck are dorce, it’s very limited To extend the life of the product, we implemented ever-more complex tricks to get the device to transparently work as long as possible, but modern game effects continued to put more demand on the hardware.

Posted 13 April – Posted 23 April – Like the guy here at the forum feedbacck wanting to sell his, is not reacting to my question.


Plus, the general looseness of the joystick itself didn’t lend itself to the steady, strong pull and push tricks that you normally feel in racing games. Flrce to top 17 Dutch2 Dutch2 Posts: Does the Force feedback actually work on this stick.

Logitech Wingman Force 3d Force Feedback Joystick

I always wonder why force feedback is an option for these flight sims when they dont even make them anymore. If I wrote something in this forum that is hurting or abuse a member, organisation or country?

Both work fine although the 45 position on one of the hat switches is a little shaky. Posted 30 July – I know this is an old post but I feedbaco that same joystick. Could you please share your experience here or by pm. About game User Agreement Privacy Policy.

Logitech Wingman Force 3d Force Feedback Joystick | eBay

Like to know if a RoF player feedbaack, is using this Joystick in win8. You currently have javascript disabled. The whole trick is, that this guy is trying to sell his “not going to work in Win” stick on lets say Ebay, people who want to buy are going to Google on that, trying to verify if it is working and here we go. Posted 30 April – It kind of corce together. So I confirm there is a reason to worry, but I have no answer.

Posted 07 May – Back to top 19 Dutch2 Dutch2 Posts: Yep I also did read this on different sites, but it appears Smoking is running on 64bit.


I think the guy is trying to build one. Sorry I can’t help further. I’m a happy bunny.

Logitech WingMan Force 3D Review – IGN

Posted 21 October – Every USB Force Feecback device we made after these two devices can accept on-the-fly effects sent to them from the comptuer and do not require preloading to the hardware. I just tried plugging it in on my Win 7 computer feedbcak it doesn’t work. Now Logitech has realized a new cousin to it’s larger counterpart, the Force 3D joystick. First off, the WingMan Force 3D features an interface incredibly familiar to the SideWinder Force Feedback Pro, only with two buttons wiingman the base instead of the SideWinder’s four, and, and deedback extra button on the actual joystick.

There is another one that I don’t recall, and there is this thread on BOX that kind of goes over some models.

I’ve forgotten my password. I don’t know but I do have a Wingamn Force3d stick completely different, same producer and to late learned that it does not work with Win 7 64bit.