Page Multi Account Report This report displays postal expenditures for all the accounts over a selected time period, sorted by ascending account number. Move the selector at the front of the feeder right or left to change the sealing mode: Automatic Date Advance The Auto Date Advance function automatically proposes to change the date printed on mail pieces at a preset time to the next ‘working day’ date. In that case, you will typically choose to print the postage on a label to stick onto the mail piece. Weighing Problems Weighing Problems An e-mail message then informs you of that condition so that the ink cartridge can be replaced in time.

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To select an option on the screenuse related keys located on the right hand side of the display.

How to answer Do I have enough postage? Generating a Report Generating a Report To generate a report, select the desired report, and choose how you want to display or record the report: Supervisor Mode As supervisor: Safety Requirements Safety Requirements Power Connection Before connection, check whether the mailing system is suitable for the local AC power voltage; refer to the type plates at the back of the pieces of equipment.


Use this setting if several thin envelopes pass at one time through the feeder or, on the contrary, if thick envelopes are blocked at the entrance of the mail path. Entering Weight Manually You may prolitd to enter the weight manually, if a mail piece exceeds the weighing ca- pacity of all your weighing platform.


Check with customer service to see how you can easily add weighing features to your mailing system via online services.

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The report displays all the accounts in ‘active’ status, and accounts ‘inactive’ or ‘deleted’ with a postage value. Imprint Print As a user: Differential weighing In optional mode From the [Standard ] home screen, to print postage on mail Choosing a Type of Imprint From the [Standard ] home screen: Manual Calls Manual calls allow you to connect to the Online Server in order to retrieve new infor- mation update postal rates, slogan or messages or to enable features and options weigh platform capacity, number of departments, differential weighing, etc.

Configuring the Imprint Depending on the current type of imprint, you can modify the elements printed on mail pieces as follows: Withdraw the first mail piece from the top of the stack. If the system is out of water, the mailing process continues but the envelopes will not sealed properly. Response time is the amount of time a pixel in a display takes to change. Page 40 Press to return to the home screen.

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Page 47 Check or change the type of imprint. Iiiyama to print the labels. The passband of a receiver is the range of frequencies it can receive.


Page 83 Setting up ‘Accounts ‘ In the ‘Accounts’ mode, users must select an account to process mail. As supervisor, you can: Settings Overview Settings Overview This section describes two types of settings: Selecting a Rate Selecting a rate allows the mailing system to calculate the postage amount when the mail piece weight is available, either from a weighing e2002qs or, for a big parcel, How iiyqma Enter Weight Manually entered manually see p.

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Page 44 Differential weighing auto-label In optional mode From the [Standard ] home screen: Managing Slogan Managing Slogan Managing Slogan The Slogans are graphical slogans you can add on the left hand side of the imprint printed on mail pieces. No information is lost during the updating process: A passband is the range of frequencies or wavelengths that can pass through a filter.

Money Operations Money Operations 4 Money Operations This section describes how you can load and manage money in your mailing system to allow postage operations. Page of Go. New available options are automatically downloaded into your mailing system and activated.

Got it, continue to print.

The code depends on the machine die number.