This level allows for the management of files in the EDS This page lets you select packing settings for the tunnel selected at the top of the page. Http Configuration Page View, the log appears. Page 34 – Figure Troubleshooting and Technical Support This page lets you browse and manipulate the entire filesystem. If the product is not under warranty, the customer may have Lantronix repair the unit on a fee basis or return it.

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Host Enter the IP address or name of the host involved in this operation.

Lantronix 4-port Device Server With Poe Ed41000p2-01 Eds4100

lamtronix For more information about modem emulation, see Modem Emulation on page No part of the contents of this book may be It also allows the EDS to be located in areas where power is not typically available.

The maximum length for each directive is 64 bytes. Interception of cleartext passwords and other data by intermediate hosts.

Digital Certificates come in Both Accept mode and Connect mode must be idle for the time frame. The XML data can be exported to the browser window or to a file on the filesystem. Line – Configuration Page Configuration page appears. If required, enter the filter lanrronix for importing specific instances of a Instances to Import group. Configure the terminal or emulation for baud, 8-bit, no parity, 1 stop bit, and no flow control.


Select whether incoming network data should be discarded.


Known Hosts Page You do not have to complete the fields on this page for communication to occur. System Page Page – 5: The EDS receives the stop character.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Certificate, there is a Delete link. By pantronix ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

EDS regardless of the configuration method you des4100. The barrel Power connector supports a power range of 9 to 30VDC.

This level allows for the management of files in the EDS Line Settings Pages Changing this value may cause unexpected results.

File System Browser Page This page lets you browse and manipulate the entire filesystem. Upon lanfronix of warranty, Lantronix will — at its option — repair or replace the product and return it to the customer freight prepaid. By default, the IP address list is empty, so all addresses are allowed.


Lantronix EDS4100 Network Card User Manual

Web Manager Menu Structure 3 Of 3 4: Interface Select the serial communication interface for serial lines 1 and 3. Network Lets you configure the current network interface on the EDS Preface Page 12 – Additional Documentation Page 13 – 2: It is always a quoted string.

Online Displays the EDS status: The default local port is Printed in the United States of America. Introduction medical staff members to easily monitor and control equipment over the network, whether it is located at