They returned to the stage — at Coachella, no less — in Not after all these years! I wouldn’t want Swervedriver to become a legacy act. But then that album didn’t get released in the US so by the time we got around to making 99th Dream it felt like we were trying to consolidate again. Nothing that got finished.

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Some songs get you more than others, and I dunno, it used to vary depending on any gigs we played or any tour, there would be one song in the set that would be amazing. Follow Mick on twitter at: Whether it would have sounded the same had we continued to make new records quijn the early s is difficult to say.

We just walked on stage, said we would be playing the new album, played it and people didn’t leave. Steve George has been the bass player since So that became the album and the recording happened very quickly. Auto-tune, Technology, and Hum We drove past Stroud earlier.

Mick Quinn Supergrass db band portrait by Andrew Ogilvy Ph… | Flickr

If you look at their tour dates they’ll regularly go to places like Folkestone and Wrexham which aren’t necessarily on the traditional circuit. There was certainly less of an American influence and drum sound on that album than the others. We’d been knocking uqinn back and forth for just over a year. He doesn’t want to step back into playing in a band. He also travelled to Spain and France to play with local musicians before returning to England in Enjoy the interview sqervedriver much as I did while we discuss stuff including home brewing, other music projects, influences and more!


But then it’s going to sound a bit like Bolts Of Melody as I’m singing and playing guitar and Mikey’s on drums in both bands! As long as we can get together for a week to rehearse before a tour there shouldn’t really be a problem.

I got a book for Christmas one year, 1, beers to try before you die and it seemed like a good hobby so yeah!

Mick Quinn, who visited Australia a few times with his former band Supergrass — and, like Swervedriver, Quinn has his own Australian ties.

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The band are due to tour North America in the fall, performing the albums Raise and Mezcal Head in their entirety. He used to work with Ash and I went to see them with him. They returned to the stage — at Coachella, no less — in Is there a new generation of live followers alongside the hardcore who saw you first time around?


The mixing took quite a long time. In the band released I Should Coco selling over a million copies worldwide. There will be more stuff to come but I’m just concentrating on Swervedriver at present.

He flew back as soon as he’d laid his drum parts down. There seems to be a psych fest popping up in every town.

Swervedriver’s long hiatus ends with new music

How do you respond if people shout for Swervedriver songs at a Bolts Of Melody show? We were actually recording the new album in between performing Raise.

When we played New York earlier this year, the show sold out straight away so we added a second night and that sold out too. They sell it in California and that was really good. The Stranglers bass is just incredible.

A vast selection of DiS-cur There’s three or four songs that might end up somewhere.