Axiotron Modbook Tablet Mac”. By taking the key components of an original Apple MacBook Pro and integrating them into our proprietary pen-enabled conversion kit, we transform a With that experience at our backs, we are confident we’ll be able to manufacture the Modbook Pro X and meet or exceed our expectations as detailed in this Kickstarter campaign. You will also be able to purchase further upgrades e. Folks longing for a more powerful Apple tablet may want to checkout the new Pro X project from long-time MacBook-modifier Modbook. This reward comes with a 2.

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Creatives are generally being paid by the deliverables they produce, not by the time they spend working on them. Tablets are everywhere these days thanks to the iPad, but they lack a certain finesse necessary for fine digital arts work. We have labored tirelessly for many years modbok create both a winning product and a winning business strategy.

A glass screen cover, a new LCD screen, a sensor board, the original camera and a chrome-plated magnesium top shell are then installed.

This is Windows 7 according to the specifications. It works like this: The Modbook Pro X is configurable with up to a 2.

Investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date on which they are made. This is highly relevant to our target customers because all available solutions only “almost” support their workflows, directly and negatively impacting their earning potential as it is tied into their ability to efficiently produce the deliverables their business is built around.


Driven by feedback like this, we have made it our first priority modgook provide the best pen input experience possible. How to get the touchscreen Retina MacBook Pro of your dreams. Developers, get ready to add ‘skills’. With the above in mind, I believe this is indeed the time tab,et become an investor in Modbook Inc.

Mac Tablet – Portable Tablet for Creative Users | Modbook Pro

Counterintuitively, in an industry that has essentially moved all its manufacturing to Asia, we plan to address the risk by producing our products right here in the United States, with our own special brand of Just-In-Time manufacturing. Think about it this way: The offering materials on this campaign page may contain forward-looking statements and information relating to, among other things, the company, its business plan and strategy, and its industry.

The original OS X tablet: Our focus is on developing high-quality creative technologies that no one else will make. Jul 30, – Sep 7, 39 days.

These users need the power, performance, and portability of a laptop but also require advanced pen capabilities to draft, design, and create wherever they are. You will also be able to purchase further upgrades e.

Turning potential obstacles into advantages not only improves your business opportunities, but it also creates barriers for potential competitors. The tablet houses the computer, and has a The “AnyView” display was bonded to the “ForceGlass” screen cover, which was chemically strengthened to improve the durability of the screen and featured an etched surface to improve the response of the digitizer pen.

Image drawn to scale. Our combined strength can make the Modbook Pro X a reality.


Modbook Pro: Yes, there is an OS X tablet and it’s been available since 2012

The Gablet Speed Test from Blackmagic uses long sustained transfers of blocks of data to accurately mimic the capturing or playing of video and give a real-world indication of the performance of digital storage systems. Google’s latest hardware is being offered to developers in 13 countries at a reduced rate for Android N app building.

I believe that the Modbook Pro X is going to be the best macOS tablet ever, with a keen focus on the needs of our target audiencebut I also hardened our business against the outside factors that halted my previous success in its tracks. If investing, you accept our Investor Agreement. While the market had proven to crave my 1st Generation Tablet Mac, the business model I used during those first 4 years, wasn’t able to weather the financial crisis.

Support Select this reward. Roberto has extensive experience in creating engaging designs and building internationally recognized brands, including Jil Sander, Burberry and his own brand, Menichetti. Ever wondered what a Retina MacBook Pro will moddbook like when converted to a tablet? Following up the last Modbook Pro tablet the company is currently selling made from a converted mid MacBook Protoday Modbook is back with the announcement of a inch ModBook tablet that uses the new Retina MacBooks Apple just refreshed this week as its guts.

Why it’s a wise move by Amazon.