Are you asking if you were to boot to a Windows installation disk would the computer run? The next thing I want to try is to remove my 6. It is suggested that you contact the maker of your disc drive for more information” and “Repair was unsuccessful on the hard drive. Yay, this is exiting! What to look for, mboard symptoms, example pictures: Your previous question – Am I sure I know a long beep from a short one? Can certain Windows OS’s be downloaded for free from the internet?

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So I disconnected my working computer’s monitor and connected it to this thrown-away MS computer to see if the display card still have some functionality left.

Help me resurrect a throw-away MS VER:1

Only three pins total. Just buy your desired hard drive. IDE1 can connect a Master and a Slave drive. I have vee tax preparation software that has that situation for some files.

In response to 96 above: Thank you for this information!

You may be able to identify the BIOS type by reading the name on the chips on the board. If it does pass, if it’s seen seen by the bios vfr 3. It’s already to go as is – just double click on it and it will find the Product Key, and the Product Key s of other Microsoft programs if any are installed that use a key. Answered on Nov 17, Required components cpu and heatsink, ram. The beeps are not that different.

However XP may work better than Vista or Windows 7 on the because you have a 2gb memory ram limit for the mboard – the latter require more ram to do the same things.

You can choose to use FAT32 software partitioning if the partition is smaller than than If you have both a video port for onboard video, and a video port on a card in a slot space, you must plug the monitor into the video port on the card in a slot space – most mboards will produce no video from the onboard video port when a video card is installed in an AGP or PCI-E X16 card slot.


Please read 51 above. Not installed ” Some newer bioses auto detect the floppy drive, once you have set vver bios to allow it to be detected – if it’s not actually detected, the setting in the bios has gideo to None or similar, when vixeo look in the bios after that. Is there a difference between copying and burning a CD? I vudeo they will run without the use of a hard drive, although I haven’t actually tried that. All video cards can produce video – have video output – but an additional chip is needed on the card in order for the card to be able to accept video input – video from another source.

That’s not as common for the guys. If the XP CD does not have Videl updates integrated into it on the CD, after SP3 updates have been installed, you can free up some hard drive space by removing backup files created when SP3 updates are installed, but then you can’t un-install the SP3 updates you usually never need to, if you install SP3 updates before you have installed a lot of other programs – see below.

I spent lank time looking at them. You need at least a minimal amount of free space on the C partition on the hard drive in order for Windows to be able to run at the max speed it can run.

Do you get any beeps?

ger It is suggested that you contact the maker of your disc drive for more information” and “Repair was unsuccessful on the hard drive. A 9 pin – male – D-sub port is a serial a. Ten or more instances of information on data positioning and location could not be found. With their dedicated patience with little me, answering my one question in so much detail, I have learned so much from them and gained so much confidence in fixing, maintaining and operating my computer since I started this thread more than six weeks ago.


MSI Ms-6714 Ver 5 Socket 478 Motherboard Backplate Included

If you connect it to a data cable on the that has another drive connected to it, one drive must be jumpered as master, the other as slave, or both drives must be jumpered as cable select. I’m learning a lot now. This doesn’t make sense to me, because if the Repair installation method is not available in Setup for the Windows CD’s, why would I want the Product Key, unless I borrowed a CD from someone to install it from scratch and therefore needed to determine the Product Key using a third party program such as Magic Jelly Beanbut then, because I am not the owner of the Product Key, it would be illegal to use it if the owner of it had it installed in another computer?

You MAY have problems when you try to un-install those drivers, if you ever need to – they may not un-install. The LED never came on at any stage when I inserted different floppy disks. Thinking of the future, preferring to buy a hard disk drive that I can eventually use in the new “up to date” computer that I want to try to build, after my MS is fully functional, can I use the latest hard disk drive standard in my MS – what is the latest, SATA 3, or is there another later version?