Now, here’s a look at how the DSC-W compares to other compact cameras in terms of size and weight:. But like all cameras with anti-shake, be sure you turn OFF the feature when you put it on a tripod. Two of the options, Start movie recording and Quick playback already have dedicated buttons, so it makes no sense to press the Action control button, shake the camera, then press the Action control button a second time to start movie recording when you can just press the movie record button. Just above the LCD is the camera’s optical viewfinder. Been used rarely and still perfect condition. See how the photos turned out in our photo gallery! The available exposure modes also accommodate a wide range of user experience levels, making the Sony W an attractive option for novices as well as more advanced users.

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W130 8.1MP Digital Camera – Silver

It offers very good photo quality, a 4X zoom lens, image ca,era, snappy performance, lots of point-and-shoot features, and excellent battery life. Only Casio does it better.

This DSLR camera, with the intelligent auto mode, optimally adjusts the settings to deliver the best possible results in damera shooting condition. I did enjoy the fact that I could sneak the camera under my elbow and around corners to create fun shots I could never do with my pro camera.

You can also turn cqmera whole thing off, which is advisable when the camera is on a tripod. Because most of its various elements are now contained or represented in the combination of the Still Life and Multi Target shots, we no longer routinely shoot the Davebox by itself, as would normally appear in this space.

You’ll find a lot of fine detail in the label of the beer bottle on the right, in its fine cursive text, but the other bottle labels hold a lot of fine detail as well.


If you’ve been frustrated with blurry photos, especially in low light conditions, then you’ll appreciate this feature. Our new “Multi Target” is actually an interim design that we plan to replace with a modified version within the next few months.

In particular, for any level of image noise, w1130 often find that while noise is quite evident at larger print sizes, as you reduce the size of the prints, there will come a point where it suddenly ceases to be an issue.

Here are our current choices for the best waterproof cameras.

Here are the best waterproof cameras – which underwater camera is right for you?

As is the case with all compact cameras, the W has a built-in lens cover, so there’s no clunky lens cap to deal with.

This is one of the trade-offs that comes with owning a compact camera. Noise suppression is a good thing, but only if it’s not overdone. Buy Gordon a coffee! Monitor AF starts focusing before you even touch the shutter release button.

Finally you need to press the Action Control button a second time to select the highlighted option. It thus serves as a good basis of comparison between cameras and between test setups. The tricky thing here is that high-ISO images often look much different when printed at various sizes than they do when viewed on-screen.

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It can now survive a fall from up to 7. You can also download additional tracks by connecting the camera to your computer. Printed results were a little disappointing with the Aifea W, producing at best an 11xinch print at ISOwhile w103 cameras can do a 13x Now you may think this silly, but after shooting with a pro film camera SLR for many years, this felt like a toy.


Action Control is a feature that allows you to control certain functions by shaking or tapping the camera. Photo printers are generally much better at showing shadow detail than are CRTs, so you’ll want a camera that preserves good detail here.

The screen is bright and contrasty and has a wide angle of view both horizontally and vertically. I tried using SnapBridge both ways — with the always on connection sending 2 Megapixel versions of everything I shot to my phone and manually transferring individually selected photos when I stopped for a break and got home.

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Simply reading “4x zoom range” doesn’t do a lot to help you visualize what that means. The Cyber-shot DSC-W provides a nice selection of exposure tools in many ccamera its shooting modes, including the ability to choose ISO from to 3,color mode, white balance, exposure compensation and enable Super SteadyShot.

At first glance, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W appears to have more external controls than some of the other compact digital cameras in its class, but looks can be deceiving. The Best Here are the best waterproof cameras — which underwater camera is right for you? Even with the bright studio lights shining directly on it, the velvet in particular stays way, way down at the shadow end of the tone curve. Attractively outfitted with a stylish brushed metal front panel, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W is trim, pocketable and affordable.

Optical and LCD viewfinder accuracy: Monster in my Pocket!