The thing that makes all of this most frustrating is that this thing really shows promise. Stream your game play compatible with Twitch and YouTube. In other words, if your source includes AC-3 audio, this audio will be used in your recording. Are you unable to record video, getting no video but are getting audio in your recordings or a black screen in Hauppauge Capture? You can set the size of the video, and the format 4: DTS audio is currently not supported. If you are using Hauppauge Capture, this error is normally caused if you did not fully install Hauppauge Capture or something such as anti-virus software prevented Hauppauge Capture from installing.

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Go to the Home screen. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? The trim feature that can only trim at one second intervals, which may not be a big deal to gamers but makes the trim feature useless for anything other than game capture. Depending on what game you are on, I highly recommend you turn down game volume as well as sometimes voice chat can’t be heard because the game volume is too loud.

Hauppauge | HD PVR model HD Video Recorder

On the PS4, go to Settings: If you are creating a standard DVD the haippauge will be transcoded to 2 channel. If you are trying to record a source without a USB port, you can use a standard USB power adapter as long as it is rated at 5v 1amp.


Recording your PC screen hauppaueg the Rocket Note: A new window called “Microphone Properties” will open. Edit your recordings in your favorite video editor.

HD PVR model 1212

To install this huappauge of StreamEez: The best way to proceed is: Install Hauppauge Capture from this Support page in the Capture tab. To adjust the color settings, open Hauppauge Capture and go to the Capture tab.

Recordings from composite or S-Video are still made in the H. Download and run to install. Bsta PVR 2 does not have any internal disk storage.

MJPEG and other compressed formats are not used. Please click here to get more information: In the TV industry, an on-screen logo is called a ‘digital onscreen graphic’ or ‘TV bug’, and you can often see this in the lower right hand corner of news programs on TV.

In other words, if your source includes AC-3 audio, this audio will be used in your recording. Currently, the Arcsoft TME application will only support editing from the beginning or the end of a clip to preserve AC-3 5. Hardware encoding is the way to go and would be a shame to see this technology go to waste for lack of a little refinement and it is for that reason I gave 3 stars instead of 1.


All record file types can be used to burn AVCHD Blu-ray compatible discs but you will need to supply your own disc burning application. If you are listening to sound from your Hauppaugf PC through speakers and not on your video monitor, to hear audio without any audio delay you will need to split the audio coming from your Gaming PC.

Add your game commentary while you record or stream.

Hauppauge | HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Product Description

After selecting i, hit X Enter to go to the next step. Press the Menu button on your controller and select Settings. Enter the System submenu: YouTube will not record your video streams unless you set a start time and an end time in your streams.

Then capture some high definition video! Pass through problems Pass through problems, such as a black screen on your TV set even though you can record videosare usually basic cabling and settings in Showbiz.

Then you can disconnect the Rocket from your PC and let it record on the thumb drive