Try a different USB cable, different port, try to make sure that the Mac sdk was installed properly etc and try again. Ultimate Droid OTA 9. How do you delete the HTC drivers on Usbdeview? It took me a little over a day to isolate this issue, turns out not any usb standard to micro type b will work only specific manufacturer saumsung will work with my phone. Double click the Unrevoked program you downloaded. Then I executed the file waited for it to install, then I powered down unplugged the phone from the computer, then powered up, and then plugged the phone back in.

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Is there somewhere specific I am supposed to manually save aaria Hello hvrobel, Ha thanks, I appreciate it. You should have paid attention in school, you would have learned something other than cuss words….

Well I done everything said and I still nothing but I had a problem downloading the driver for the Nexus One it says I need a password on the Mega upload website in order for me to download it. You need to use a 32bit system. The question i want to afb is if the HTC drivers and arla drivers are the same or not. How can i get it? Im doing this on the Motorola Backflip.


unable to see HTC aria in adb devices

I am having a heck of hard time loading the drivers for the Aria. No need to use cd. Right click that and click update driver then look for the driver in the hhtc and try to install that. Man I followed the steps but I got stuck at step 7. I have a MyTouch 3G the one with the 3.

Next you want to go to this link: I have read on the xda forums that my model of HTC hero is the model. I’d have added that but I can only post one link per article at the moment.

HTC Aria – Wikipedia

Check if you did install packages at Setup SDK application. Follow the video carefully and it does work, I can testify to that.

Thanks for this tip. Ok, link works today. Upon reading this I sound like a dick.


I need a professional to do this. I try to install this manually but it is still not working. In the order to process and illuminate any kind of potential problem I did install. I do I have tools,androisdk,and two others should I delete it.


I was setting up the ADB and I got stuck on the cmd part. I cannot seem to get arka drivers installed correctly. Indigo Service Release 2, Build id: However, when I use command fastboot devices, it does nothing but goes back to the c: Is there any other way to remove the drivers, maybe from the htc driver file on my computer?

Email Required, but never shown. Android Apps and Games. Peter, That means your SIM card has a lock code on it. I hct written an answer here: So there are only usb drivers for a very small percentage of phones?